About GSE®

Dr. Jacob Francom
Associated Director of ARRAY Global Services (USA)
Academic Director's Welcome
Go Beyond with Confidence

FEYDEY Online Academy seeks students who are intellectually curious and academically driven, eager to engage in our school community, and primed to succeed in our extraordinary online environment. Students build 21st century competencies valuable for today's world, such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, all of which are explicitly taught and assessed. This program is perfect solution for students grades 5 to 12 to earn school credits, transcript and USA High School Diploma upon successful graduation, to be prepared for SAT/ACT/IELTS tests and best Universities entrance worldwide.

We also use 21st Century Modern Pedagogy including:

FEYDEY has designed academic program that suites of differentiated blended learning curricula as its core curriculum which can combine online and classroom based direct instruction delivery and individual and group FEYDEY LMS (Learning Management System) based study. The blended learning curriculum incorporates assessments that monitor the student's academic progress in real-time and allows for rapid intervention.

Deeper Learning is defined, as a set of competencies students must master in order to develop a keen understanding of academic content, gives students the ability to learn how to learn, and apply their knowledge to problems in the classroom and on the job.

Real-Time Reports (feedback)

which means that the student's performance is displayed in real time, allowing educators and parents to respond immediately to difficulties and fill gaps in the student's knowledge.

Our Learning Management System is supported by research and systems of Cognitive Load Theory, Literacy Across the Curriculum, Critical Mistake Guidance, Integrated Differentiation, Literacy Development, NWEA MAP all integrated to improve teaching, learning and reporting.

Personalized & Individualized learning
Personalized learning meaning that the our content is customized to the interests and learning style of the individual student. Each students' learning process is also individualized, meaning that different students will start at different points and move at their own speed, depending on the skills and learning ability of each subject.
Why to join GSE®
Be ready for University
Be ready for a NEW career
Students will learn to use cogent reasoning and evidence collection skills that are essential for success in college, career, and life.
Be ready for SAT / IELTS Test
21st Century Competencies
Students build competencies valuable for today's world, such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, all of which are explicitly taught and assessed.
Learn K-12 subjects in English
Skills focus on word identification, background knowledge, fluency and comprehension in English helping students rapidly improve their English Language.
USA High School Diploma
to insure the successful achievement of US High School Diploma upon FEYDEY graduation and top University entrance worldwide.
Become international student
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economical status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
Manage own learning
Depending on student's personal skills, learning ability and transcript from their home country school, FEYDEY Academic TEAM will design an individualized and personalized learning program for each of you..
Become successful leader
As students complete their individualized learning path components, they engage regularly with interactive elements and assess content that provides the opportunity to gauge their performance against their own goals and expectations.
Accredited high school diploma
FEYDEY International Boarding School and Virtual Academy are accredited by an American Organization - The ARRAY Global Educational Services that confirms the curriculum delivered by FEYDEY is fully set according to K-12 Common Core Standards (USA) and the Diploma issued by FEYDEY is in line with The California Department of Education Standard (USA).
Our intention is to foster self-improvement without sacrificing self-identity; to reach for the stars without losing touch with our essential selves; to transcend the boundaries of current thinking, and to tap into the wisdom of previous generations, thus maximising the potential of our students through the creation of powerful educational systems.
Our mission is to provide students with an education that maximises the realisation of their individual talents, enables them to be ready for careers, prepares them for success in a technology and information driven 21st Century economy and delivers a perfect and modern learning model for education and career development.
FEYDEY courses include a variety of scaffolded activities that incorporate an online blended-learning format allowing students to learn as they progress through the course. Blended learning curriculums combine live-tutoring (teacher-guided), individualised learning plans with an online learning platform (LMS) that provides real-time feedback.
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